AUGUST 7th: Chicago, IL  - The Tonic Room (with Althea Grace Band & Coyote Riot) - 8:00PM
AUGUST 8th: Shorewood, IL - The Crowd Around Me (Alex Hoffer Band) - 8:00PM
AUGUST 9th: Morris, IL - Nettle Creek Country Club / Montage Music Under The Starts (Alex Hoffer & Giles Corey) - 7:00PM

AUGUST 11th: Joliet, IL - Chicago Street Pub (Solo) - 8:00PM
AUGUST 14th: Wilmington, IL - The Corner Tap (Solo) - 9:30PM
AUGUST 15th:
Joliet, IL - Bookie McGee's (Solo) - 5:00PM (Brew Fest)
AUGUST 15th: Joliet, IL - Metro Cafe (Solo) - 9:00PM

AUGUST 16th: Princeton, IL - Hedstock 2 (Alex Hoffer Band) - 8:30PM
AUGUST 22nd:
Minooka, IL - Dock Rotz (Solo) - 8:00PM
AUGUST 23rd: Joliet, IL - Hopstring Fest (Alex Hoffer Band) - 3:00PM
AUGUST 25th: Joliet, IL - Chicago Street Pub (Solo) - 8:00PM
AUGUST 28th: Wilmington, IL - The Corner Tap (w/ Pat Otto) - 9:30PM
AUGUST 29th:
Manteno, IL - Shoe Fest (Alex Hoffer Band) - 1:00PM
AUGUST 30th: Wilmington, IL - Crossroads (Solo) - 2:00PM


Alex Hoffer Band EP/Demo


LIVE studio EP, "Free From Apathy" - COMING SOON!

Keep Searching (LIVE @ MoJoes)

Thanks For Nothing (JTOWN GETDOWN 2014)


Standby (LIVE @ MoJoes)

Reverse It (LIVE @ MoeJoes)

Something Missing LIVE

Spider LIVE in Studio

ABC's Windy City Live

Improv Jam


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